Cornhill Lodge History

Presentations to the Lodge

The Lodge has been endowed over the years with a number of interesting articles of Masonic Regalia.

Lodge Banners.

At present there are three beautifully embroidered blue silk banners dating from 1879, each carrying the names of 50 Masters and the date of their year of Office. The oldest as donated by W.Bro. Theodore Instone, who was Initiated in 1912 and was Master in 1919. The second by W.Bro Cyril Hampton Vick, who was Initiated in 1919 and occupied the Chair in 1927.

The third banner was dedicated at the Centenary Meeting held at Freemasons Hall on 20th March 1979, with the Grand Secretary RW.Bro. JW Stubbs in attendance.

Masters Collar.

A very beautiful watered silk Masters Collar embellished with silver chains and medallions on which are engraved the names of every Master from 1879 to the present day, each medallion bearing the names of three Masters. It is brought up to date from time to time and there is plenty of space left for many more names. It was the gift of W.Bro. William Leovold Hutchinson, who was Initiated in 1907 and became Master in 1922.

It was refurbished in 1992. Later that year it was worn by W.Bro. Philip Brimley at the 275th Anniversary celebration of the formation of Grand Lodge at earls Court.

Masonic Implements.

A set of hand carved Ivory Implements comprising three Gavels, the Square, the Level and the Plumb Rule, each suitably inscribed. These were the f=gift of W.Bro. Wilfred Mathieson, who was Master in 1903.

Unknown donors have also provided an Ancient Bible, leather bound dated 1599 and an interesting Charity Column, more suitable for golden sovereigns than for todays inflated coinage.